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Wicked Lures Trout Killers Pink Silver

Wicked Lures Trout Killers Pink Silver

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Wicked Lures Trout Killers are pre-tied spinner lures for trout, panfish, crappie, bass, and kokanee salmon for trolling freshwater lakes or casting into small streams and creeks. These 100% custom-made trout spinner rigs feature a #3 brass blade that revolves around a roughly 2 1/4 inches long soft plastic squid body, trailing ribbon arms at one end and fixed eyes at the other. The Trout Killer squid spinners include a #4 red Gamakatsu octopus hook peeking out from underneath the squid's soft plastic arms.

Wicked Lures prints a trolling setup on each package for your ease of use and to get the most action when trolling Trout Killers. Each Wicked Trout Killers spinner rig has a six-foot, pre-tied 10-pound Izorline leader. The action each lure presents is unique and deadly to various game fish. What will you catch using a Wicked Lures Trout Killers spinner?

  • Trout, panfish, crappie, bass, kokanee
  • #3 Brass blade in Blue, Pink, Purple, Chartreuse, and Silver colors
  • #4 Red Gamakatsu octopus hook
  • "New" custom-designed black clevis
  • 10 lb. Platinum green Izorline
  • 6 ft. Pre-tied leader
  • Material type: soft plastic in Black, Green, and Pink
  • Qty. per Pack: 1
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