North Star White Ox Glove w/Elastic Band

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A variation of the most popular glove in the Pacific Northwest!

The White Ox Glove every logger and woodsman has known for over 70 years. These heavy duty gloves are made from 100% cotton; fourchette pattern (the most comfortable of glove patterns).

Double ply quilted palm equates to construction from canvas of 22 ounce thickness.

10 oz. canvas back with red elastic band shirred at back of wrist, designed to reduce sizing by approximately 1/2.  Fuzzy nap both inside and outside. Fast red dye printing does not bleed. Near leather hand safety for the price of canvas! Made in the USA.


  • 100% cotton with fourchette pattern
  • Double ply quilted palm, 22 oz. thickness
  • 10 oz. canvas back with red elastic band
  • Knitwrist, fuzzy nap both inside and outside
  • Reconfigured index finger seam gives same protection as wrap around construction
  • Fast red dye printing does not bleed
  • #1016
  • Logging; Construction; Farming