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Gamakatsu Bead Hook Nano #3/0

Gamakatsu Bead Hook Nano #3/0

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The Bead Hook is a revolutionary fishing hook designed specifically for bead fishing, a popular technique used to target salmon and steelhead. Made from Gamakatsu’s Tournament Grade Wire (TGW), the Bead Hook features a thinner, stronger, and sharper wire that easily penetrates the hard jaw plates of these powerful fish. Its Nano Alpha Coating offers superior corrosion protection, ensuring the hook’s longevity and also provides a super slick finish for improved penetration. With a longer shank and wider hook gap, the Bead Hook increases the chances of landing fish, especially those that are stronger and more prone to jumping. Equipped with a needlepoint for optimal penetration, this hook is a must-have for anglers seeking to catch the largest salmon and steelhead in their waters.

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