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Foremost Reusable Bag Large Insulated Multi-Purpose Tote

Foremost Reusable Bag Large Insulated Multi-Purpose Tote

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Foremost Large Insulated bags are perfect for many things:

General shopping, beach bag, quick cleanup for the unannounced Mother-in-law “pop in”, camping gear, swim lessons, ski gear, pseudo-suitcase, muddy boots, farmers market, backseat garbage bag and more.

These bags are washable, reusable and packable with it's fold flat design. It's large size is perfect for bulky or oversize items and it features an extra long zipper for easy access. 


  • Washable, reusable, and packable
  • Made of 30% recycled polypropylene and EPE foam insulation
  • Self standing and fold flat design
  • Extra long zipper allows for easy access
  • Large size for bulky or oversize items
  • Approx. Dimensions 12”W x 7”D x 16”T; 22 Liter Volume


How do I clean the bag? We recommend washing before use with a mild soap and warm water. Hand wipe or line dry.

Do the bags have an odor? They do have what we like to call “new bag smell”. We don’t find it unpleasant and it will dissipate after a few uses or with a simple washing of mild soap and water.

Are the bags waterproof? No, the sewn edges are not sealed and will leak if submerged or left out where they can get wet (like in the rain for example).

Will the bags hold water? Nope! We recommend a reusable ice block inside the bags to keep items cold. Loose ice will melt and leak through the sewn hems.

Will the colors fade? If left in direct sunlight for long periods of time the print will fade. We recommend that if you store them in the car, make sure they are not left where they will be exposed to light from the windows.

What’s your favorite color? Green, of course! Reducing consumption of single use plastics is good for the environment and everyone in it.

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