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2019 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Sportsman

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas for the sportsmen in your life? These favorite (and a few unconventional) stocking stuffers won't make you feel like you're throwing your money away.

If they enjoy fishing, crabbing or clam digging, don't be surprised if your humble little gifts turn out to be a big hit!

Bait Scents & Super Gels

Pro-Cure Scents, Water Soluble Fish Oils, Super Gels, Bait Injection Systems. Made In USA.

Shrimp/Crab Gel

A thick gel composite made up of 100% real bait, salmon egg juices and pure anise oil. Leaves an intense scent trail that's sure to get your trap full! Made In USA.

Aluminum Crab Gauge

CRABS RULER  Premium Crab Gauges "You've Tried The Rest Now Use The Best". All aluminum, laser cut and engraved crab gauges available in 3 colors. For use in WA, OR & CA. Made In USA.

Dorcy Headlamp

This COB LED Headlamp features a compact, lightweight design with COB technology producing 150 lumens of light output. Another feature of this headlamp is the 2 red COB blinking LEDs. With its 2 hour 30 minute run time, convenient push button switching, and comfortable wear-ability, this headlight is a great value. 

Ultimate Merino Wool Socks

Woolrich Merino Wool Socks go well with winter and snow boots for men and women. They are great for hiking, camping, hunting, work, outdoor sports and more. Made In USA.

Travel Collapsible Bottle

This unique collapsible bottle design makes it a perfect companion for travel, outdoor activities, sports, work, school and everyday use.

Clam Bag/Net Belt

This belt can be used with any clam bag or net. Available in 2 sizes. Made In USA.

Clam Gauge

1.5" diameter ring makes it easy to verify the required legal minimum size for Manila clams, native littleneck clams, butter clams and cockles. Made In USA.

License Holder with Lanyard

Keep your license dry and secure in this clear vinyl waterproof zip closure pouch. Bright Orange/Black neck strap. Made In USA.

Pot Repair Kit

Replace worn door latches on any sport crab pot, shrimp trap or crawfish trap.

Neon Color Bait Knife

These multipurpose bait knives are a must have for any angler fishing cut bait! It features a 3.5" stainless steel forged blade and solid polypro handle and sheath.

Latex Grip Gloves

Gray 10-gauge string knit shell with a blue latex coated palm provides excellent wet grip as well as abrasion and puncture resistance. Great for handling fish and shellfish.  Available in 3 sizes. 

Willapa's Oyster Knife

This oyster knife features a 4" stainless steel blade with a blunt tip and edges to better penetrate the oyster shell. Dishwasher safe.

Stainless Steel Hog Rings

Stainless-Steel Hog Rings used to repair crab/shrimp/crawfish traps. Available in 2 sizes.

Plastic Splicing Fids

Plastic Splicing Fids that accommodate ropes ranging from 1/4 to 1/2 in diameter. With the fids designed to meet splicing requirements, measurements are determined in fid-lengths so its important to get the right sized fids for the rope being spliced. 3 sizes included.

Twisted Nylon Dock Line

Most popular dock line! Manufactured from 100% nylon, 4 stage with balanced plied yarn construction. Holds knots well and has excellent resistance to abrasion. Can be stored wet without damage to fibers.  All AAmstrand Nylon Dock Lines are highly elastic to absorb shock loads; resistant to rot, mildew, and marine growth. Feature a 12" eye splice on one end.

Soft Bait Bag With Snap

Popular with commercial fishermen, this heavy-duty nylon bait bag features a 5" stainless-steel snap for easy attachment to any trap.

Stainless Steel Bait Pin

Built from stainless steel wire, this pin is strong and corrosion resistant. It can be used to secure your bait to most crab rings, crab pots or traps. 

Crab/Lobster Tongs

Safely handle your catch with these high visibility tongs which are made of strong and durable solid steel.

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